Loan for In-Store Goods, How to Get a Loan for Equipment

Given the tendency of shoppers to “buy and buy online only”, we can shop directly from our laptop or smartphone. If you suddenly have enough money to make a purchase, you will be able to apply directly to the Internet.

In the financial services market

In the financial services market

We can also find investors who purposefully help our borrowers buy any commodity in particular stores. Such loans are classified as non-target consumer loans, so their maturity cannot be too long. The following loans are small in amount, but also fully sufficient to purchase:

  1. household appliances,
  2. electrical technician,
  3. by phone,
  4. furniture ,
  5. construction goods,
  6. computer or laptop,
  7. tourist sign, etc.

Choosing a particular investor, can give you a range of privileges by turning to that investor’s partner stores. The loan repayment term is chosen by the buyer-borrower himself: from 3 months to 3 years. The loan amount can range from 49-3000 USD. Good Credit is considered to be a relatively popular financial organization, so service centers can be found in all major cities of Latvia. The customer of this creditor may contact the service of for service issues.

Credit conditions


Typically, credit terms for purchasing goods are approximately the same for all creditors. Good Credit allows you to apply for a loan to any Latvian citizen who has reached the age of majority and has his / her regular income.

Likewise, the creditor’s credit history is important to the lender , and sometimes even the guarantor may be required.

How to apply for a loan for any purchase?


First of all, it should be noted that you can make a purchase anywhere : online or in a stationary store. That is why there are several ways of applying for credit for purchasing goods:

  1. We select an item in the online store and go to to buy this item. What we do: Fill out the application on the creditor’s website and wait for approval. If the creditor is willing to help us: we sign a credit agreement with the nearest store and buy what we wanted.
  2. We select the item in the ordinary shop and receive the purchase invoice. This document can be applied directly to the lender’s department or applied for credit through the online application, but you will also need to visit the investor personally to sign the credit agreement. Once the application is approved, we sign a contract, receive money and go after the purchase in the store.
  3. We choose the product in the online store and go to the usual bank branch to get the credit. To confirm the required amount of money, we submit an invoice for the selected item in the store. When approving an application, the bank can transfer money directly to the store account , paying the full price of the product or issuing cash, but this practice is relatively rare.
  4. We choose the product in the ordinary shop, take the invoice from the consultant manager and go to the branch of the creditor. Once you apply for a credit, we leave the application out of the store, as the bank has already paid for it.